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My Art: That time I kinda kept my New Years resolution

It is December first, the last month of the year and ironically the one that passes the quickest. On January 1st I (like mostly everyone else) will make a New Years resolution. Last year my resolution was that I would start painting, and I did. My first painting (pictured above) is titled ‘dancing moon’ it took me about a week to complete. I love it. It hangs above the sink in my kitchen and I look at it everyday. I have painted about 10 paintings this year, but only two others are truly complete to me. I say I “kinda” kept my New Years resolution because I intended to have an art show and even sell a few pieces this year which hasn’t happened, yet. I am definitely an artist at heart, and would love to do it full time. However my art usually takes me a lot more time and creative juice than I am able to produce at times. This is something I hope to change in the future. I hope you enjoy this painting, and if anyone wants to buy it (I would love to send her to a good home, for the right price) send me an offer to


What is Unodoli Adventures?

Unodoli is the Zulu word for ‘baby doll’. I first came in contact with this word as an early teen. In my search of alternative fashions, I learned of some popular Japanese fashions such as Gyaru, Ulzzang & Kawaii. These styles were different and amazing in ways but as a black teenager I felt that these styles were not for me. So the search continued, this is when I came across ‘udoli’. Udoli was said to mean ‘tribal doll’ in Zulu. It was a clothing and makeup style that embraced tribal looks from Africa, the Caribbean, and Native American cultures. There were six subsets of Udoli; Xuba was wild and very colorful, Insikamuntu was the “animal” person, Amahle was the ultimate tribal doll, Lulamtotia the sweet and simple doll, Mandla was the bad ass, and my personal favorite Bachiko which was the Royal doll. Udoli was said to have been created by Vivi Jochan, and had a following of black and brown girls who like me were inspired by Japanese fashions but wanted to represent for their African/Native roots. I’m not sure of the following of this fashion/lifestyle today (I found it back in 2010). After doing a little research (googling the Zulu word for doll) I learned that the proper spelling is Unodoli.

So now begins ‘Unodoli Adventures’ a lifestyle brand that unlike the original Udoli is focused on the lives and cultures of black and brown girls around the world. Particular focus  on African American, African, Native American, Caribbean, Indian, Middle Eastern, indigenous and Latin cultures world wide. As a mother of two girls; Kenya age 4 and Egypt 1 1/2, I plan on talking about how I am raising my children to love the skin they’re in and to embrace their cultures and the cultures of our black and brown sisters and brothers every where. My ultimate goal for this blog is to be a face and a place for people of color, as well as means of documenting my life and journey, the possibilities are endless.

Welcome to Unodoli Adventures.